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Job description

DRENGR Sàrl. is a trusted and experienced Swiss-based company specializing in projects related to Web3, blockchain, NFTs and Decentralized Finance.

We provide a wide range of Web3 related services, including technical development and strategic consulting. We are also developing a whole ecosystem to democratize these new technologies.

DRENGR is looking for several artists interested in the world of artistic NFTs. These artists may or may not have experience in tokenizing their works. DRENGR would like to work closely with artists of all types to tokenize their work and showcase it in PHYSITAL art galleries.

Artists must submit examples of their work to us. The vast majority of arts are accepted: painting, sculpture, music...

Ideally, artists should have an advanced understanding of blockchain technology, but this is by no means mandatory. However, artists must be motivated to launch new projects or to give a new life to their works through NFTs.

Artists will be trained in the complex world of NFTs and should only focus on creating their work. We want artists to focus on what they do best: creating. That's why we leave the artistic style up to them and take care of everything else.


  • Create or propose artistic works to be displayed through the PHYSITAL art gallery.

  • Provide a minimum of history and context to the artworks to facilitate their presentation.

Necessary skills:

  • Artistic Talent.

  • Ability to think creatively, strategically and innovatively.

  • Willingness to learn in a challenging environment.


  • Gain visibility.

  • Develop your network.

  • Integration in a young and dynamic team.

  • Cool and relaxed work atmosphere.

How to apply?

  • Follow us on our social media.

  • Send us your application to specifying: experience, motivations, examples of work done (professional or independent) and added value to the company.

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