Ecosystem Management

Stay focused on your core expertise while we take care of the operation of your new blockchain ecosystem.

Why you need to focus on your core expertise

Developing a web3 ecosystem composed of different platforms and smart contracts often requires considerable maintenance. This workload can take up your time, but more importantly, it can take away from your other activities. In order for you to focus on your area of expertise, it is ideal to have someone to maintain your applications.

DRENGR can take care of this maintenance until you are able to do it yourself.

How DRENGR manages your ecosystem

  • Web hosting: we take care of the hosting of your website and different platforms

  • Decentralized metadata storage : we set up a decentralized storage of your project data (NFT metadatas for example)

  • Smart contract administration: we can temporarily take on the role of administrator of your project's smart contracts in order to facilitate some simple transactions necessary for development

  • Technical maintenance: we update your applications on a regular basis and take care of recurring tasks

What benefits will you get from it

Managing the maintenance of an IT environment when you don't have the technical skills can be risky. That's why it is sometimes necessary to delegate this task, it's a time saver and a mental release. The objective is that you can continue to evolve your project quietly until you have put in place the necessary resources internally.

Would you like us to analyze your project?

We will never be able to help you if you don't contact us.


Would you like us to manage your ecosystem?

We will never be able to help you if you don't contact us.

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