Providing solutions and network

Integration of additional modules and applications that we have developed or worked with. Provision of a wide range of contacts specialized in the field of blockchain and recommendation to our partner companies.

Why you need to be part of the web3 ecosystem

The web3 ecosystem is based on the values of decentralization and democratization of access. As an emerging field, today's players have a huge impact on its development. In order to facilitate the evolution of your project, the web3 ecosystem can provide you with a large number of resources. Indeed, there are many existing platforms and applications that can simplify or improve your solutions.

As this is a rather complex and recent world, we advise you to create relationships with people or companies specialized in blockchain technologies.

DRENGR helps you to connect with the ecosystem

  • Third-party integrations : we integrate existing solutions that fit perfectly with your project

  • Network connection : we connect you with people specialized in the web3 space (legal consulting, marketing solutions, IRL products linked to NFTs, artists, event organization, tokenomics, metaverse development, VCs & Investors)

  • Web3 companies intermediary : we can act as an intermediary between your company and important actors of the ecosystem in order to facilitate the exchange and prove the legitimacy of your project

Our partners build the web3 of tomorrow with us 

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Infinite objects logoCrossmint credit card minting solution logogoliath logo

What benefits will you get from it

When we make available our network developed during the different projects we have accompanied, we want to facilitate your development. The objective is to connect you to people who could be important for your project. We can help you find profiles to work with. You benefit from special offers for the products or services you need.

In some cases, we help you find funding for your project from VCs or private investors.

What we deliver concretely

  • Integrations of any third-party solution

  • Introducing the people you need through a call together (or common group and email)

  • Support on the presentation of your project to major web3 players (Polygon for example)

Would you like us to analyze your project?

We will never be able to help you if you don't contact us.


Would you like to connect with our web3 ecosystem?

We will never be able to help you if you don't contact us.

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