Applied training through collective prototyping

Collective prototyping of the solutions for your project. Development of your knowledge and autonomy in the complex environment of blockchain.

Why you need to improve your web3 knowledge

Blockchain technologies are changing the way many businesses work. Not only is it important to make a rapid transition into web3, it is especially necessary to understand it. Indeed, many companies launch themselves into this complex field without really having integrated the codes, the philosophy and the opportunities of this one.

Companies that launch themselves into web3 most often fail for two simple reasons:

  • Wrong entry point

    The use of blockchain technologies represents a real change in business model. A company that doesn't define its goals and vision according to the web3 philosophy is bound to fail.

    This failure can happen directly (negative reaction from its current users or from the web3 community) or after some time (fantasized potential and lack of understanding of the potential of these new technologies).

  • Poor communication

    It's hard to realize, but there's a lot of misconception around these new technologies. And one thing is for sure, when a company hasn't embraced the “web3 energy", you can feel it instantly. So when a company embarks on web3 without understanding what it is, customers react badly.

    DRENGR helps you understand blockchain technologies and create a coherent prototype of your project. Our goal is to give you autonomy in this complex environment while starting your web3 project the right way.

How DRENGR help you during the beginning of your project

  • Opportunity analysis: we analyze the different possible solutions to reach your goals

  • Choice of blockchain technology: we explain the different opportunities that blockchain offers and choose together the technologies best suited to your project

  • Choice of blockchain: we evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each blockchain and choose the best solution with you

  • Idealization of new solutions: when no technology fits your project, we think about possible innovations

  • Long term evaluation: we take into account the possible long term changes of the chosen solutions and adapt their flexibility

  • Implementation of security protocols: we advise you on the security measures necessary for the safe development of your project

What benefits will you get from it

Through the prototyping of your project, we want to work side by side to offer you the best possible context. The goal is for you to make informed decisions while taking our advice into consideration. You need to choose solutions that are in line with your objectives. We put our knowledge and experience at your disposal so that you can understand the advantages and disadvantages of all your alternatives.

You will become more competent and legitimate in the web3 field, qualities that are necessary to be credible with your customers, partners and potential investors.

What we deliver concretely

  • Various workshops with our consultants

  • Decision making side-by-side with our team

  • Prototype of your project

Would you like us to analyze your project?

We will never be able to help you if you don't contact us.


Would you like us to help you prototype your project?

We will never be able to help you if you don't contact us.

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