Book a FREE call today and see how blockchain technologies can help your company

This meeting has to be considered as a consulting service for you and your project. If interested, we are going to cover your business issues and how web3 solutions can help you. In this one  hour call, the goal is to give you the best information we can in order to develop your project. 

Why are we doing that ?

Because we really want to be part of the web3 ecosystem development. We believe that even if it’s not the right time for your company to work with us, we can help you (no strings attached). In fact, we can’t work on hundreds of projects at the same time, but we can give you some advice anyway. And if there is a fit between your project and our services, we’ll start to study how we can work together.

What we can cover during this meeting:

  • Do web3 solutions suit your project idea? If yes, which ones.

  • What’s the business impact of those solutions?

  • Is there a market for your project? (we can give you exemples of competitors and potential partners)

  • How should you start working on your project or web3 transition?

  • Can DRENGR help you and what do we do exactly?

The available slots do not suit you? Please contact us at to make an appointment.

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