Operational development

Implementation and development of the defined solutions. We provide our technical expertise to create customized and flexible systems for your long-term development.

Why you need professional development

Blockchain technologies are booming and the demand for web3 developers is exploding as a result. As this field is quite new, experienced blockchain engineers are rare and therefore rather expensive.

Source : Electric Capital - Developers Report 2021

It is therefore very difficult to hire the right profiles in your company, you have to train them and this represents a considerable time and cost. That's why companies like Atari, Reddit or Tiffany & Co use external developers for their projects, a less risky choice that guarantees a better quality of work.

Our team of DRENGR engineers has the technical skills to implement the solutions you want to put in place. This implementation is complex and often requires a customized technical solution, especially when it comes to web3 integrations into existing systems.

How DRENGR develop your solutions

  • Smart contract development : we develop smart contracts for all types of solutions (NFTs, Tokens, DeFi, Identity, Gaming, Supply Chain...)

  • Decentralized applications development : we develop applications that interact with the blockchain (Token Proof, Stacking, Smart contract link...)

  • Website creation : we design, develop and deploy your websites

  • Web apps & Platforms development: we develop custom applications to meet your business needs

  • Web3 development : we integrate web3 functionalities to your platforms and applications (wallet integrations, crypto payments, token proof...)

  • Full-stack development : we are specialized in web3 development, but we do full-stack development if needed

  • Technical audits: we perform audits on your smart contracts and infrastructure to ensure their security and scalability

Blockchains we develop on* 

Ethereum LogoPolygon LogoSolana LogoElrond LogoAvalanche LogoAlgorand Logo

*And any EVM blockchain

Tech Stack 

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What benefits will you get from it

The development of blockchain solutions is complex and often requires a customized technical solution. Working with developers specialized in this field allows you to reassure your users and potential investors.

We therefore develop custom solutions and integrate the necessary third-party systems, although we favor autonomous development to ensure that our clients are fully empowered. It is possible that some "no-code" platforms seem to be a fast and efficient solution, but most often their use implies a decrease in flexibility and security.

We recommend that you work with specialists in the field to reassure you throughout the evolution of your project.

What we deliver concretely

  • Development and deployment of any necessary technical solutions

  • Instructions on the operation and training on the use or modification of these solutions

  • Technical support for a defined period

Would you like us to analyze your project?

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Would you like us to develop your solutions?

We will never be able to help you if you don't contact us.

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