Solution design

Design of solutions taking into account your situation, your ambitions and the different technical opportunities.

Why you need to design clearly the solutions for your project

Many people don't understand that launching your web3 project is like launching a new start-up. Whether you implement new features based on blockchain or launch a 100% web3 project, you are pivoting into the creation of an ecosystem with its own business model.

It is therefore important to design well the solutions that your project brings, first for your company, but then for your users and potential investors. Once your ideas are clear, you will establish your authority and succeed in convincing decision makers who can greatly impact your success.

How DRENGR design your solutions

  • Ecosystem solutions design: we create a detailed plan of the solutions you want to implement for your company

  • Operational plan: we set up a plan of the tasks needed to develop your project

  • Process definition: we define work processes adapted to your situation

  • Pitch deck, whitepaper & Business Model support: we assist you in writing your detailed project presentation documents

What benefits will you get from it

Through the design of solutions for your project, we want to put in place a robust development plan. The objective is that you can move forward properly, but also that anyone interested in your project can understand its usefulness. Indeed, any project requires a development time during which you will have to convince future users and potential investors. And the first step is obviously to have an action plan for your project.

A good action plan will allow you to stay on track during the evolution of your project and will facilitate your introduction in the web3 ecosystem.

What we deliver concretely

  • Solutions detailed report

  • Detailed action plan

  • Structure of your project presentation documents

  • Comments and guidelines to improve your documents

Would you like us to analyze your project?

We will never be able to help you if you don't contact us.


Would you like us to design your solutions?

We will never be able to help you if you don't contact us.

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